Pet Taxi

Transportation Service for Pets on the Go

Your pet has places to be – from the groomer to the trainer to the vet. However, it’s not always easy to schedule these trips around the other important commitments in your life. Instead of missing work or rescheduling an appointment, let us help!

With our Pet Taxi service, a professional pet sitter will make sure your dog or cat arrives at their destination safely and promptly – saving you time and hassle. Whether it’s a one-way trip home from the vet or a round trip to and from the groomer, your pet will ride in style, safely secured in a comfortable, temperature-controlled vehicle. And of course, we’ll always make sure they have a positive, happy experience each and every time.

Pet Taxi Rates $40/hr.

“Having just retired, I’ve been taking a few more trips and needed a professional to come take care of my two yorkies, Sam and Lulu, and my cat Pigeon. I’m very pleased with Monica’s professionalism and dependability. Everyone is well cared for and she even waters my plants for me. I highly recommend Tails Wagging for pet sitting. ” Gina Hancock

To get started with Tails Wagging, call (512) 832-1320 or email us today!