Cat Sitting

Personalized Care for your Feline Friend

Cats can sometimes come off as being independent and self-sufficient. But they look to their humans for not only food, but love, comfort and companionship as well. So when you’re away – whether it’s for a week or a day – it can create stress and boredom for your feline friend.

With our expert cat sitting services, we’ll make sure your kitty has everything she needs to be healthy and happy while you’re gone. Our services are tailored to accommodate your cat’s personality, quirks and needs. So whether your kitty craves extra playtime, lives for lots of affection or just wants to be left alone, you can rest assured that we’ll pamper your pet just like you would.

Depending on your needs, our services can include:
  • Feeding meals/refilling water bowls
  • Administering medication
  • Cleaning the litter box
  • Playtime
  • Turning lights on and off
  • Watering the plants
  • Bringing in the mail
  • Lots of love, affection and attention

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Cat Sitting Services + Rates

We make cat sitting easy and affordable. If you have a special request, just ask!

15-minute visit: (*ask if this service is available in your area) $15
30-minute visit $23
45-minute visit $30
60-minute visit $35
** holidays incur a $5 per visit surcharge

“Monica is the reason we get to travel! We have typical cats…not all that interested in strangers or even us most of the time but they will definitely punish us when we leave town if they don’t get their needs met. Pee outside the litter box, destroyed pillows or rugs…you know, cat revenge. So that’s where Monica comes in. She comes over, fills their bowls, cleans litter and tries to love them only to get the cold shoulder I’m sure. But she must be doing something right because we get to return to a clean home and the happiest grumpy cats.” Becca Phillips

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